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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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for the crews doing so much work inside. >> laura anthony joins us live on where the investigation stands now. >> we're expecting a press conference is beginning to stand and we understand barbara lee will be here with oakland mayor. we've been told they're trying to wind down and we have learned more about those frightening moments friday night. >> there are some answers emerging from the fire at the ghostship warehouse, they include cause of death, smoke inhalation, and a possible source, a refrigerator at the back of the building. >> by the time i got the doors open it was just flames starting to engulf my space.
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>> jose avalos was one of the last people to get out alive. fire began to ravage the building he lived in two years. >> i saw one person's confusion, she was lost. and i tried to guide her out as best as i could with my words, and body. >> some of those who did not get out alive huddled close inside of the building and sent final text messages to loved ones. >> people calling, knowing they're going to die, reaching out towards your family. >> and while searchers believe they have found victims they can't be certain until this dafl, and pains taking process is finished. >> i have no way of ascertaining if there are no additional victims. we're going to completely search the property and recover anything we can. >> these ladies brought a healing aztec healing ritual to
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the scene. >> to bring healing dealing with the aftermath. >> by midnight, they're trying to make sure that they have cleared the scene before the rain arrives, that is not to say the search for evidence will be over. we understand they'll continue to sift through the debris so to make sure they have found everything that they can find. >> laura, thank you so much. >> that update could happen literally any moment. we'll continue it live here.
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the man who ran the ghostship art collective ran a quick appearance to do a national tv interview this morning. he paused at the scene, looking somber and emotional and seemed to get agitated when asked about responsibility he may share for the fire. >> i didn't do anything, ever in my life to lead up to this moment. no. i'd rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents than answer this question. >> he went on to say ghostship was quote, not a horrible place, but some people who had been inside and lived there described it as a death trap. >> we're getting a clearer picture of who he is, his
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dealings with people he rented. >> i spent the day searching man who shot the video tells me he was not a performer, but the organizer of many events, a poet and photographer. he rented and ran as an art collective. lillian kim was the first to get him to address what happened they're my friends, my family, my loves and my future. >> his friends are revealing more about the ghostship warehouse. this video showed hot water
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powered by a propane tank, temporary wiring flowing through the building and walls dismantled. >> if you're choosing to live in a space like that, you're choosing it based on the people and the community. >> this former tenant tells the i team she contacted the sheriff's office andrew a map of the layout to help recovery efforts. people lived in trailers parked on the first floor and small areas throughout the warehouse. as many as 18-20 people. >> 18 people, there are going to be arguments. >> court records show after an argument in january of last year, the men filed for a restraining order against almina but the men did not appear in court and the orders were denied. that month he was arrested on
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possession of stolen property, his former landlord's travel trailer and in december, arrested in l.a. county and charged with petty theft. police pulled him over for driving with expired registration but found license plates from a stolen vehicle. the d.a. dropped the case. he paid $4500 to rent the warehouse, charging tenants 500ss today $1500, as many as 20 people at a time. he balks at the idea he was in it for the money. >> there is growing memorial just a block from the warehouse, people have brought balloons, left flowers and candles. green day front man billy joe armstrong posted this video writing this tragedy hits close to all of our hearts because he and his band squatted in an
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oakland warehouse like ghostship for a time, writing spaces like this allow the strange ones to thrive and be the people that society rejects. and that oakland provided that for him and his closest friends. a moment of silence just before supervisor wilma chan read the president's message to the community and expressed praise and concern today. >> three of the confirmed victims have connections to uc berkeley. among them, david klein, who graduated last year. jesse dolan, a musician and volunteer dj at cal's radio station. jennifer morris, a junior majoring in media studies, she was from foster city attended uc santa cruz before going to cal.
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uc berkeley is offering counselling services. >> we know 36 people died at the search is not yet finished. >> families are being notified as identifications are complete but some knew the bad news before it became official. >> sergio quintana continues that story tonight. sergio? >> reporter: one featured musician friday night was a young man who went by dj knacked. a lot of the co-workers here knew him as johnny egaz. one co-worker says he was probably in the middle of his music set when that fire started. >> they knew he was a night owl. his picture on his tattoos made that clear. >> let's assume you're going to be out friday night. so i'm going to schedule you at noon. >> the co-owner of green apple books and music says egaz left
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an impression on the music section of the store, writing post it notes with recommendations, learning of the death, it's tough to handle. >> i've never been more proud to be a part of green apple than on saturday morning. we have those glassy eyes. it comes and goes. just what we had to deal with. >> they mourned and continued to help customers. lots of co-workers and friends are dealing with loxes alex was a documentary producer and contributor. >> he wanted to be remembered by his work rment. >> he was engaged to a woman who is among the missing. alex vega and his girlfriend worked together at this urban outfitters in the marina district. the manager told me everyone is
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too shaken up to talk on camera. the family was told this morning that his body has been identified. david gregory, the father of michaela wrote i believe my daughter and alex were hugging each other, until the end, i'm sure they were together, trying to help each other. i know it. there will be a memorial tomorrow evening in san bruno. >> and now we want to go live to that news conference we're telling you about happening oakland. >> i think it's important this has taken place and we're moving forward with trying to qualify for state or federal funds for reimbursement. this is our fourth night here. and i want to talk about
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challenges we have had in regards to search and recovery efforts. after the fire became under control, before we can start our search and recovery some areas we had to secure. the second floor or the mezzanine that was located was compromised and potential for collapse. we had to bring in heavy rescue companies to come in to shore it up. they were able to come in and shore it up with temporary shoring. this had to take place before we were able to start our operations. once that is taken place, we proceeded with our search and recovery. it was identified there was some concern in regards to collapse.
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i know it was reported there was a work stoppage because we had to determine how to address the parapit. we wanted to make sure it accounted for the fact that we did not know there are victims in this structure, we tried cutting through and the company going up and heading through this kinder block, beating it out to make sure street sign. we recognized we're not going to make efficient progress that way. so we brought in heavy equipment causing additional damage and
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worrying about the integrity of the wall in the alpha side and the bravo side. what is critical is to find out that we have had about the warehouse, we cannot continue our search operations until we were able to secure that parapit. we had to make sure this our firefighters were safe. and that finally, the decision was made after bringing in cadaver dogs to search the second floor and bottom floor that there are with no hits made by the cadaver dogs there was a decision made to push inside of the structure. we had to make sure we kept moving to assure the families still waiting to know if there were anymore bodies inside of
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the structure that we had to continue our search and rescue efforts. that has been done, and we have companies that are working that are still doing the search and recovery effort and removing debris from that structure. i want to thank atf and i want you to know this is an ongoing investigation that is still going on that there is no determination of origin or cause in regards to this fire. if we get more information we'll keep you updated. this was a unified command. oakland fire department worked in unison with the sheriff's department and coroner's office. we were rotating crews every three hours, fire department has been up here 24 hours around the
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clock. we've been working 24 hours straight, rotating crews in. they've been here three hours at a time. this has been a heavy neighbor operation and heavy mental operation. we were bringing our crew members out here at that time. we recognized it's important to utilize our partners and we brought in the following companies in alameda county fire department, alameda city fire department, fremont, fire, the santa clara unit. we can't do this by ourselves.
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this was a huge operation. it was something that we did not expect as a citizen of oakland that that would happen here. i think we're close to being able to tell the families we have searched this warehouse. and to let you know we can look at family members and tell them, yes. we can tell you there are no more victims in this warehouse. so i want to thank the american red cross and i want to thank the public for donations that they have made and i want to thank the press for being patient with us.
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thank you. >> thank you, chief. congress woman barbara lee. >> thank you. to mayor schaff and chief green and our first responders, firefighters, police officers, to volunteer staff, and everyone here tonight, let me just say that your response has been a dignified response in many ways. i have had the opportunity to talk to several members today. and we continue to pray for the victims, the loved ones, and
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city during this anguishing time. it is an anguishing time. so our condolences to all, we continue to grieve with you. we'll do everything possible. and i want to say to family members, friends and loved ones we'll continue to do everything we can do to care and comfort you. but i was part of the, and i mentioned this to the mayor yesterday, part of the response effort to the loma prieta 1989 earthquake which was devastating. and the fire storm of 1991 and resilience of the people of oakland. and i have to say now, we have experienced another terrible tragedy.
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and first responders have risen to the occasion in a magnificent way. this has been unparalleled if you ask me after coming through efforts and challenges and tragedies. and i was intimately involved with them. we're grateful for your response. as we move forward during this mourning and recovery and rebuilding process, just know that the federal partnership is with the city and our first responders and is truly seamless. i talked with senator feinstein, senator boxer, with governor brown, and i want you to know they're committed to supporting the city as we go through healing and rebuilding process.
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and i want to say to the mayor, the response has been steady and priorities have been connect in terms of respect and dignity. i have to say i'm proud of my city and that has taken place here during this tragic time. i want to conclude by just reading you a statement from president obama, who knows and loves oakland deeply. he summarized our feelings when he said oakland is one of the most-diverse and creative cities in our country. and families and residents pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy. just know they'll have the unwavering support of the american people, may god bless
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you. >> thank you, congresswoman. katie nelson. >> jd nelson with alameda county sheriff's office. as of now, we have identified 35 of the 36 victims with one unknown. of 35 we have made notifications and are in the process of notifying the other five. i hope to have the lists to all of you later tonight and that is what we're working on, thank you. >> oakland mayor. libby schaff. >> tonight is the night that we begin wrapping up the recovery process and moving forward into the future. there are many questions that you have had and will continue
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to have. so tonight we're beginning by making available to you an initial set of public records and we're making available records available related to the warehouse at the release of public document created prior to december 2 will not compromise any investigation related to this fire.
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in this 30-year period covers the length of time for which we have electronic records. we've prioritized compiling planning and building because the vast majority of the questions we have gotten have been regarding contact this city agency. there are other agencies including police calls for service as well as fire inspections. it's important to note responsibilities vary based on the agency and nature of the circumstances. and we're also seeking out
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regards from other public agencies which will have records of interest. people have asked as of 2007, the owner is listed as the owner of the vacant lot. the permitted use for the warehouse is as a commercial space. it was not permitted for residential use nor public assembly use. prior to the deadly warehouse fire there have been three complaints made about this address. two in 2014, and 1 in 2005. these complaints on december 8, 2014, constructing house,/structure without permits. september 30, 2014, palettes, construction materials blocking
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the sidewalk. and november 16th, 2005, vacant lot next to above address, lot used as a parking lot in a homeless camping ground. that is the address. we have included complaints made on the vacant lot adjacent to the warehouse that parcel. there have been 18 complaints of the vacant lot. note there are no visible street addresses for these
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16 happened in 2014. past complaints were made on november 14th, illegal interior building structure. and november 13th, quote, there are a ton of garbage piling up on the property. items left on the sidewalk. and some trash hazardous. the property is storage but the owner turned it to become trash recycle site. these will be available on our website and we'll make them available so they're down loadable and accessible to everyone in the public.
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no one ever wants to see a tragedy like this in our community. when one strikes it is our responsibility to avoid any future tragedies again. and so we're committed to doing everything possible to improve the safety of our community. and to prevent today we began assembling the team that will help us do just that. we've reached out to a highly respected nonprofit devoted to eliminating loss and they work on fire safety through code, inspection, and enforcement and will be here this week to start building this team with us.
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nspa will be working with us on the ground to make the best recommendations for safety improvements in this community and we believe in a way improving community throughout this country. tomorrow, at our downtown emergencies center we'll be holding a further press conpresence to provide more details on this effort. our hope is that through these efforts will not only make oakland safer, we'll make the nation safer and lift up this community home, that is oakland, california, thank you.
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>> we're going to open it for questions. i'll start on the left and work to the right. go ahead, sir. >> if i can ask the chief to clarify. there is still searching going on. is it not 100%? >> we're in the process of searching. in the alpha side of the building on 31st avenue and bravo side there was heavy collapse in that area. so that is we had to secure the mezzanine. that was the last portion of the warehouse that needed to be searched. there was a limited number of searching so they're trying not to disturb the investigation. there was searching done in that
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area. the search and recovery effort is still going on we'll be here until it's going to take as long as it's going to take. we're not going to rush the process. we're going to make sure we respect the fact there is potentially victims in there. so how far long it takes we're going to take that time. but when we leave, we're going to know and tell everyone there are no other victims within it. >> now, you're looking forward
6:31 pm
toward the future. and you know some of what are in the documents that will be released there are additional pieces of evidence to review. based on what you've been able to see, and evaluate here, do you believe there was a system mattic failure across the board? >> i'm not prepared to draw conclusions from the history but i will respond you the responsibilities vary. police officers are not trained in zoning
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>> so i'm going to state again, that the atf has been on scene since the first day of the incident. they may have showed up early saturday. the investigation is ongoing. there is no determination at this time of origin or cause to this fire. >> i understood that before. are you looking into the possibility a refrigerator malfunctioned? >> i believe that question has been asked and answered to the best of its ability.
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okay? i'm going to move on. jeff? go ahead. >> atf told us they thought it was not deliberately set. can you say that much initially? >> good evening. i'm the public information officer for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives or atf field division. at this time, there has been no determination as far as the origin and cause for the fire. the investigation is still ongoing. when determined
6:34 pm
that information. >> we're considering all items and looking at all items and there hasn't been a determination made at this time. >> did you ask the director of building and planning why his people didn't go back to the warehouse after november 16th? why not? >> so we're providing public records and tonight providing some answers to frequently asked questions such as that one. now it is not my job to second guess intentions of an individual inspector but we can tell you that the process for getting entry into a building if you're not invited that you may not force entry into a building as a building inspector unless there are accident circumstances
6:35 pm
as well as being accompanied by a police officer. there is a process by which you can get a court order but the process which was followed if you cannot gain entry to a building you send a request to the owner requesting an investigation and that request was >> we've discussed this almost on a daily basis. so i want to be cheer. the mayor stated earlier, law enforcement deals and responds
6:36 pm
and we're trained for, crimes. every time we go to a call our policy is that we document everything. so those documents are in our system. and as the mayor stated that everything will be looked at. may i go on to another question? >> how is that portion of the building towered? is there a meter for the building? >> i won't have details to answer that question. pg and e was called out to the
6:37 pm
scene to secure the electrical and to turn it off. whether one panels or multiple, i do not have that question. >> a lot of people without power sometime and affected our local residents so i did want to provide an update. may i move on? to another question? >> there are many vigils the community planned. congress woman lee and i were invited to a community vigil
6:38 pm
last night. this is a grieving process. and as elected officials it is our job to support and embrace cmmunity-led actions. so we can let this community grieve in the way it feels property. the city is going to improve safety for the community and improve safety in a way that respects incredible creative community and housing issues as well.
6:39 pm
>> requests for the city i do not have it tonight. >> so i'm clear, in pg and e were they called out to the fire department? >> they were called out once the fire was reported. it is part of our protocol that we have had utilities secured. i'd like to take a moment and update everyone with information that is important. i'd like to inproduce officer ma marco marquez. this is important informs.
6:40 pm
>> good evening. i'm marco marquez, one of the public information officers. we have witnessed that is that many were impacted and so here, at the scene we've experienced overwhelming donations and love from the community and people from around the world and want to take time now to direct you to ways to help with relief. you can donate at if you go on the website and search tool if you search on there oakland fire relief, you'll see there was a page generated and organized by the oakland athletics.
6:41 pm
and they've donated a substantial amount and nationwide and internationally. so we want to encourage this relief for the families impacted by this. thank you. >> you're listening to a live news conference with a number of officials talking about latest information on the ghostship warehouse. a number of headlines they have identified 35 of the 36 bodies. >> they say they'll continue to do that until they can say that there are no other victims. >> a lot of of the questions are beginning to turn from what's
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a popular lgbt warehouse fire is being described as heart breaking for the community. >> three transgender people have been confirmed dead. >> the reverend is supporting families and frendz of some transgender people who died in the fire. so far, three have been confirmed. and 29-year-old farrell pines. the third was ann bolka, whose
6:46 pm
partner talked to us on the phone. >> the world has a way of being unkind to people who what we consider to be the normal. and for people to know who they are. >> i spoke to one parent of an lgbt child who knew one of the victims whose names is has been released. she was devastating mourning the loss of friends and a beautiful musician but it could is been her child. >> the reverend led a vigil requested by the lgbt community. >> i want people to know they can get support whether today, or whether it's in four months when it feels safe enough.
6:47 pm
>> we're learning more about other victims newly identified as having lost their lives in the fire. you probably never heard of them until today, but each had a story to tell. micah mier was 28 years old from massachusetts. he was doing a light show for the party at the ghost ship. his electronic music band, red cellar booked a gig for january. his girlfriend, alana cane remains missing. chelsea faith dolan was a 33-year-old living in san francisco. she sang, produced and djed
6:48 pm
under the name dj tarushi. dolan was also a popular dj at cal's radio station. and ben, the oakland resident part of a pop band called intro flirt under the stage name charlie prowler. he sang at local jazz bars and created electronic beats at dance parties. edmond la pine was from utah who went to college in washington state and settled in oakland. he had been an intern for a label called k records. friends set up a memorial page and are holding a private memorial for him on
6:49 pm
>> they're working through the trauma while pefsh yerming grim tasks. >> we understand it takes a toll on it. >> lieutenant don robertson and his crew were the second on the scene friday night. >> we weren't aware that is something you're never prepared for. >> he tells us situations present a challenge inside battling an inferno. >> it keeps getting >> for some, this was the first fire of this magnitude. >> i can see it in younger guys'
6:50 pm
faces. they're not sure how to deal with this. >> members of the sheriff's office are facing that dilemma. >> just you want to deal with your family. that is the challenge. >> the first responders are being encouraged to get counselling. the lieutenant says he tells firefighters it's a sign of post traumatic stress. >> every person there is wondering if there is anything we could have done better. nearly $850,000 has been donated to two online fund razors for the victims. >> they're working hard to get work done before the rain comes
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. >> a news conference on a tragedy in oakland just wrapped up. >> the chief says efforts are still happening now. >> sheriff's spokesperson says they identified 35 of the 36 victims and the sheriff's department hopes to release the names of the victims later tonight. >> the mayor says the city is going to release the public records for 30 years related to the warehouse. there were 30 complaints made about this address. >> there is no determination to the cause or origin of the fire. we'll have the latest coming up on coffee tonight at 9:00 and here at 11:00 on abc7. >> for now, we want to get a last check on weather.
6:55 pm
>> you can see partly cloudy skies. and this is a live view with a rainy period and there is more rain expected next week. and the delta, temperatures dropping as low as upper 20s. protect pipes, plants and pets. other locations lows in low to mid-30s. highs into low 50s so let's talk about the rain. tomorrow there could be periods of moderate rainfall by noon,
6:56 pm
we'll see east bay. rain becoming more wide spread and heavier at times by 5:00 so the evening commute is likely to be a messy one. thursday's rain will be heavier thursday evening and thursday night. another inch or more expected to fall. there will be snow levels to reach down to 3,000 feet. a stronger storm ranks two. more rain friday.
6:57 pm
and more stormy weather both days. we're in a very rainy period right now. >> we like that. >> we do. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire news team, have a great evening. >> good night. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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